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Meet Rich

People looking to sell their antiques tend to look for two qualities in a dealer: easy and fair. I stake my reputation on being both for my clients.

Picking's In The Family

I've been full time Antique Picker since 1994. I was introduced to this fascinating industry by my two uncles who were Pickers for a combined 70 years. The wealth of knowledge gained from them is immeasurable, and to this day I follow the lessons they taught me all those years ago.

I started at the ground floor...literally ON the floor as my earliest days were spent polishing furniture! I then spent the next 5 years working at an auction house, which was a great way to learn about the various treasures that I now seek.

I currently live in Haddonfield, NJ with my family.

Hear From My Clients

"Rich is one of the few honest men that I have dealt with. We are moving our home to Florida, and Rich has been a great help in assisting us in our antique sale. I would recommend him beyond reproach." -- The Volucks

"Dear Rich, Just want to thank you for your professionalism, courtesy and kindness in assisting me with the sale of furniture and other decorative items. I could not have resolved this without you. With much appreciation, J.B."

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